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I've long been a fan of true anal sex stories, and someone told me about this great, and potentially true anal sex story, that is just so funny, real, and a little bit gross, I guess, to those people who might get upset about some of the hygiene of anal sex.

Tucker Tries Buttsex - Hilarity Does Not Ensue

Poor bastard, he does almost everything wrong, and pays the price for it. But, he did at least get the girl a little drunk (or maybe a lot drunk, it's hard to tell). And the right amount of alcohol is the perfect "mental lubricant" and physical relaxant for anal sex.

To Praise A Friend

I know I've been away from this website for a bit, but I've been dealing with a kind of family emergency that has been taking up a great deal of my attention and time. Our favorite cat, who has been with my sweetie and I for years, was diagnosed with cancer, so we have been focusing on him for this past month, trying to give him the best final days possible. It's been tiring, but going pretty well - they told us he would be lucky to live 10 days and in one more day he'll have made it past a month. And not a bad month either, he's been hunting like crazy outdoors, catching voles, and really enjoying these wonderful fall days. This cat has really impressed me with his will to live and his determination, and it's not too much to say that he's been teaching me some great lessons about life and death.

To have this small, private, and intensely personal crisis happening, while the rest of the world deals with hurricanes, wars, peak oil, and crazed politicians, has been a real eye opener. I can only hope that when it is my turn to die, I can go with as much courage and spirit as my cat.

Coming next week:
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In case you haven't gathered this from my annoucement above, the old anal sex tips website has been transformed into the new Anal Sex Tips Blog, and it already contains some excellent new tips and information that would be well worth your time to read, if you have any interest in actually performing anal sex on your wife or girlfriend(s). Because the anal sex tips blog will be our new storehouse of anal sex information, I sincerely suggest that you check it out.

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Next tip I will tell you something VERY IMPORTANT about the anal orgasm. Untill next time, enjoy the free anal videos and websites!

I've had this little preview of a future tip posted here for a while, so I'm going to give you a little synopsis of this tip now, altho the full article will appear sometime in the future on the anal sex blog.

What is something very important that you need to know about the anal orgasm, specifically her anal orgasm? Well, you probably alrerady know that women can come, and come extremely hard, from being fucked in the ass. It isn't a given, just as many women have a hard time acheiving an orgasm from regular sex, they can have a hard time acheiving an orgasm from anal sex. Altho, it is true that many women who don't come easily from being fucked in the pussy will come surprisingly easy from being fucked in the ass. If you are lucky enough to have a women who easily has an anal orgasm, here's something to remember.

A female anal orgasm can last a long time, but when it is over, STOP MOVING unless and until she tells you move. Just as you need a minute or two to recover from an orgasm, and you don't necessarily want your cock to be overly stimulated right after you come, she needs a few seconds to a few minutes to reset her nervous system after her anal orgasm. And she needs it about three times as much as you do, so, if you want her to love anal and come back for it time after time, when she has finished coming, and she begs you not to move, DON'T MOVE.

In a few minutes she will be ready for more assfucking, and chances are good she can come again, but not if you fuck it up by ignoring her signals.

Here it is again - when she comes, stay inside her, but don't move. If you really want to drive her crazy with pleasure, just hold still and tell her she can back her ass up on your cock when she is ready. This works like gangbusters. ;-}

Because the 2257 crisis is so important this weeks anal sex tip has been postponed. Until then, think about this...

The government can't stop spam, it can't stop spyware, it can't stop identity theft, it can't stop viruses. Everything it tries fails, because the government doesn't understand, and doesn't want to understand, the internet.

But it can stop American Free Porn on the Internet, and it it trying to do it, right now, with the new 2257 regulations trickery. Because these are "regulations", not law, the Department of Justice is trying to circumvent both Congress and the Courts and ram their Church Agenda down your throat.

Read more about the coming attack on free porn here

Remember this date - June 23, 2005. What is that date, you ask? It's the date that the new 2257 regulations secretly signed into power by the DOJ come into effect. Once again the Evangelical Christians have covertly bullied the Bush administration into crushing our First Amendment rights, this time trying to destroy free porn on the internet. "I never heard of this...", you say? Gee, what a surprise, our media doesn't cover it, I wonder why?

Will Gonzales' Tricky New Porn Regulations Kill Free Porn?

Acting quietly and in a surprize move, Attorney General Gonzales signed into action a new version of the 2257 regulations that claim to be for the purpose of fighting child pornography. Their real purpose is to impose a set of new rules whose purpose is to attack US webmasters and crush free porn publishing on the internet.

It sounds like a joke, doesn't it? But, I assure you, it is no joke.

Adult webmaster organizations such as the Free Speech Coalition and AVNonline have pointed out the child porn producers are based primarily outside of the US and obey no recordkeeping requiements whatsoever. Only legitimate US webmasters keep records, as is already required in the older version of the 2257 rules. But the new requirements, which are incidentally punishable by 5 years in federal prison and a $50,000 fine, are so gigantic and complex that not even the best lawyers in the field can agree on what a small business has to do to comply with the new rule.

A panic is spreading thru the US adult webmaster community as hundreds of web sites are going dark out of fear that it is impossible to comply with the new rule. What is not always well known is that the internet porn business has allowed thousands of small home based businesses to make a decent living and pay taxes. These small mom-and-pop porn businesses often only earn an average low to middle class income, from $15,000 to $50,000 a year, and therefore can't afford the expensive lawyers and arcane acoounting and record keeping systems that the new rule change requires. These small businesses are living in terror, afraid of the government's intentions with the new rules, and afraid that even tho they think they are in compliance, the rules are so difficult to follow that they can be unintentionally in violation.

Again, this is no joke. This is really happening. The Bush Administration has been attacking publishing and the First Amendment in a number of ways in the past few years, as our muzzled and impotent majopr media clearly demonstrates. Now they want to kill free porn on the internet.

Thing is, they don't understand the internet, they don't understand the technology, and they certainly don't understand that while nobody wants kids to see porn, we as adults feel we should be able to look at porn if we feel like it, and it's not the governments place, or some evangelical churchmans place, to tell us what we are allowed to look at.

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